Sulawesi Island

Sulawesi is going to be visited my many of your fellow travelers, but few have had the opportunity to experience the outer islands where life is easy but
hard at the same time.

There are numerous routes to select from here, wither its out of Manado, or Makassar or if you are trying to exit Sulawesi to Kalimantan out of Majene, you have some great options.

May of you may want to go beyond Manado and explore the Sanghre to that active underwater volcano all the live-aboard visit, these people are close to the Philipines, and yes, crossing to that neighboring destination is possible.

There are more, the run from Makassar to Selayar and the islands around the Takabonerate Atoll are super and that vessel continues South to Maumere on Flores.

All Great Experiences to places very few visit !

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