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A man is sitting in the cockpit of a yacht.

Modern & Traditional Vessels Building Since 1993

Plan the Perfect Experience with Private Pinisi Schooner Charters in Indonesia with just your family or join with some friends. The vessels in this section are not at the top of luxury, but frankly they are each great boats and owner know how to provide excellent service each in the own way.

SongLine Yachts is excited to bring you some of the most amazing boat charters in Indonesia, offering you a chance to plan the perfect trip with guidance from our experienced consultants. You can reserve a Indonesian wooden Phinisi or opt for more exclusive and private yachts through our service, enjoying flexible prices and unmatched customer service.

Explore our full range of vessels, including various models for basic Phinis or Super Yachts that can facilitate larger groups. You can charter our yachts independently or arrange crews and fleet members based on the schedule and availability. As long-time leaders in marketing this great archipelago, we’re eager to promote marine tourism through yacht charters and cruises throughout Indonesia. These cruise holidays allow you to experience the stunning Indonesian Archipelago at your own pace.

Charter boats in Indonesia have been servicing the development of tourism in this great Archipelago for many years.