Maufactured Custom FiberGlass Designs

S.E Asian Production & Design

Having been in Indonesia for the last 25 years, we have developed some clear ideas of what is needed in the area of Marine Tourism Infrastructure.

This design is, in our estimation, is the best and most versitile 17 meter FAST CAT product on the market today.

This vessel is fast with more than enough space for 10-12 liveaboard Surfers, Liveaboard Divers. Engine options are numerous, from Fuel Efficent desiels and she even has Electic Potentials.

Contracting for this lovely, is simple, the mold is ready, provide the builder some specs you have for the interior and colors and egines and the project can start with a 50% deposit and completion can be expected in 2 years

To discuss this design, simply express your interest and concept on utilization and we are ready to work with you to bring your project to realization.

A blue and white yacht sailing in the ocean.