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Premier Class Yachts are available in the most of the World's top destinations and are the preference of a large portion of what we will call, World Class Travelers. Indonesia and much of Asia are on the list of "must see's" for that World Class Traveler Market. Destinations like Bali, Lombok, Raja Ampat, Singapore and many more exotic destination are well serviced by fleets of Fine Traditional vessels as offered on our Super Yacht Charter Pages in this site.

By the end of the Covid Matter, one of our key objectives was to see Indonesia's Marine Tourism Industry grow to its rightfull position as a World Class destination had been realized. The Catalyst of our plan was the "Removal" of the 75% import duty of forgien manufactured Yachts in to the Republic of Indonesia, just for vessels used in the Marine Tourism Industry. It was our belief that Indonesia, which we consider the Caribeen of Asia, has the potentail to support the operation of several Long Range Motor Yachts similar to the Expeditionary vessels offered in the section.

Songline's as well as other companies have the experiene to Import, Reflag, Manage and Staff, Motor Yachts of style and are prepared to lobby with the powers to be, to provide favorable import duties which are presently 15% on the assesed value of the vessel, as will as other factors to incourage investment is this segment of Indonesia's Marine Tourism infrastructure.

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