Small Tonnage - Steel - Expeditionary Cruise Vessels

The future of Tropical Expeditionary Cruising in Indonesia

Indonesia’s Perintis Cargo & Passenger Vessels

For those of you that have followed SongLine’s for a while, you have have seen hidden in some secret parts of our busy site, Indonesian Cargo Cruises, using the Perintis Vessels operated by the Indonesian Government. These Perintis routes, explore all the small island ports from Sumatra to the many rivers of the Northern and Southern Provinces of Papua. in 2015, several Indonesian ship builiders were contracted to constructed 40 to 60 of these new generation Perintis Vessels. While this construction process was underway, we had the pleasure of meeting the Management and seeing the facilities of the firm PT STEADFAST MARINE, with whom we are please to recommend to any Steel Construction project we assoicate ourselves with !

Since that time PT SongLine Yachts have lobbied for a plan that calls for redesigning specific small modifications to one of these vessels to better fit the growing cruise market in Indonesia for PHASE # 1 Adventure Travelers (Backpackers). PHASE # 2 more space aboad this vessel as the market develops. We are seeking supportive relationships with North Amercian, EU and any Global Adventure Operators interested in joining with PT SongLine Yachts by expressing written interest in jointly funding these modification and overtime these expeditionaly vessels can be used by joining parties in what we feel will be a clear route to Expeditionary Charter Vessels across the Indonesian Archipelago.

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