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SongLine Traditional Vessels Brokerage – 2024 and 2025 Throughout Asia Since 1993

Commercial Liveaboards and yes even Private Yachts can be taken from the production markets of Traditional Indonesia Boat builders. That insite into what is Yacht like needs to be brought to this market by a Designer and even Marine Architects. Songline's has employed it own marine achitects and in our largest program has the support of the world famous Architect Mr. Zigmund Choren of Gadansk Poland. Who till this very day we consider a friend or our family.

Being on top of “all” the Marine activities here in the Indonesian Archipelago, Thailand and even China provides SongLine Yachts with up to date information on Traditional Fleet vessels that are for sale. This process is one that includes Fleet owners that think they want to sell there vessels, Fleet owners that are looking of partnerships and even vessels that are looking for life lines, that need repairs.

Over the past 24 years, SongLine’s Brokerage has sold numerous vessels, process the legal aspects of the sales and on several occasions, proposed and implemented refits or repairs as needed on several boats for our clients.

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