SongLine Yachts Custom Designs

After 24 years of Constructing an Operating Wooden Phinisi here in Indonesia…

Constructing Since 1993

Over the years, SongLine Yachts has created several designs. Please keep in mind that each vessel's interior can be modified to fit the new owner's preference, or totally new design concepts can be developed for those looking for something special.

Each of our traditional builders has its own unique hull shapes as well as a unique character, which can become an important consideration when most projects span a period of 12-24 months to complete.

I must admit that this aspect of the SongLine Yachts process is my favorite; our designs are planned “together” with our clients. However, there are some of our past designs that have gained noteworthy popularity and are, in some cases, in revision 4 of the same concept.

We do not want to mislead people by suggesting that we are responsible for all the designs you presently see on the Traditional Pinisi market.

As a matter of fact, we avoid project formulas that call for multi-story vessels but prefer a single main deck superstructure or a maximum of 1.5 split-level designs. Our justification for this preference centers around wind resistance, but I must admit, it is all based on a desire to achieve or retain some sense of aesthetics in our end products.

Support Systems in our designs have grown considerably over the years, and we have experience with many key systems required by today’s long-distance and commercial cruising vessels. Water makers, inverter chargers, air conditioning systems, solar power systems, winch products, thruster installations, and more can be factored into our proposed equipment lists.

The following designs are only provided as a guideline, and our Architectural Team is prepared to create new designs based on the potential new owners' needs or requirements.