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Investment Opportunities in Indonesian Marine Tourism

In 1993, when we first came to do business in this great archipelagic nation of Indonesia, we had envisioned being able to help the country’s marine tourism sector grow and develop. We are pleased to report that, from our perspective, we have been able to assist in this process, with support of many people we are pleased to call friends today. When our efforts stated back in the 1990's Marine Tourism was a sport, today it is with our question, even in the eyes of the Government Toursim is an Industry. However, industry building has been a slow and never-ending process. We have seen destinations surface and develop, we have seen rules identified, addressed and changed, and we have seen negative situations fixed, then fail in being explained to the investment community. On Key Objective for 2023-2025 is the explain these new opportunities and make them come to reality.

In 2023, we can state that the Indonesian government does have the political will to see this nation’s marine tourism sector continue to grow. We can state that matters like TEMPORARY IMPORT DUTIES on visiting yachts have been done away with, and yachts are welcome to visit, transit, and cruise throughout the archipelago without fear of being taxed for having the vessel in the Republic of Indonesia as a visiting yacht.

The value of the marine tourism industry in a maritime nation like Indonesia as well as many other ASIAN Nations have been recognized as having great Marine Tourism Destinations and even Maritime Cultures. But the reality of those of us doing business over these years in Indonesia see it as one of the "best cruising, diving, surfing, and sailing destination on EARTH". With this point accepted as FACT, we propose that INVESTING IN INDONESIAN MARINE TOURISM makes very good sense!

Should you have  as your study this site, please do keep welcome to phone or write to us, speaking to investors small, medium and large is our prime objective.

Over the past few months, we have started to see and have attended meetings called to review the effects of ERASING THE 75% LUXURY TAX on items imported for the purpose of marine tourism business activities. This new Rule, will reduce the previous 75% total tax on boats and yachts imported to something in the area of 15%. This, again, is "Just for Tourism-Related Businesses and equipment. We have made special efforts to review the various yachts available in the region and have  presented them in our brokerage for the many followers of this site. This Post COVID opportunity is the right time to invest in the Republic of Indonesia, who's Economy is also moving in a positive direction according to most global media groups.

“Investing in Indonesian marine tourism makes very good sense!”

The following INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES are beyond the concept of simply purchasing a vessel to operate as a business, as we propose in our Brokerage Section, but rather the following opportunities provide ground floor access to what we see as GROWTH ORIENTED PRODUCTs, which will be major opportunities in the next 5 years, for visitors to Asia, looking for the Mecca of Marine and Cultural Tourism “INDONESIA.” We see Indonesia as evolving to become the Caribean of Asia, with out all the heavy over loading of tourism trappings, by still retaining the beauty of Indonesia's Cultural Diversity. There is plenty of room for all in the 4 largest nation on Earth Indonesia.

A fleet of sleek white sailboats docked in the water, presenting endless opportunities for yachting adventures.

There are presently ZERO Bareboat Fleets operated in the Indonesian Archepelago. There are numerous sites where Fleets could operate around this great archipelago. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these opportunities with interested operators.

A fleet of fishing boats in the water, offering rewarding opportunities for yacht enthusiasts.

We have identified 10 sites around the Indonesian Archipelago as well as other sites in the Asian Region. Awaiting investment in the right vessels to support yet another untouched Industry in the Asian Region

A luxurious white motor yacht embracing new opportunities on the vast ocean.

Indonesia's future in High End & Isolated Resorts is a perfect setting for a few of the World's selected Larger Motor Yachts, providing transport to and from these special sites aboard luxury Motor Yachts. We are looking for investors interested in the Transporation Industry.

A floating yacht house in the middle of a body of water, offering unique opportunities.

Creative Ideas in Isolated accomodations is eptimized in the 1 of 4 Floating Villas being completed in the Raja Ampat Region of Indonesia. The Villas are capable if accomdating 12 guest with saff and all the amenaties you woul want in the popular Bali Villas frequented by many international visitors

Invest in ASIAN Marine Tourism one of our Prime Targets for 24 & 25 is to Build a Sport Fishing Industry accross the Indonesian Archipelgo. Based on Catch and Release Rules

A fleet of luxurious yachts sailing gracefully on the tranquil water during a breathtaking sunset, creating endless opportunities for idyllic adventures.

With the number of Sportfishers depicted above you can spearhead a new Sport Fishing Industry in the 4th largest nation on earth and the future Caribean of Asia O

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