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Catch & Release is our SOP

2025-26 Development Plan for 10 stratigicly positioned Private Fishing Camps

Invest in ASIAN Marine Tourism one of our Prime Targets for 24 & 25 is to Build a Sport Fishing Industry accross the Indonesian Archipelgo. Based on Catch and Release Rules

A fleet of luxurious yachts sailing gracefully on the tranquil water during a breathtaking sunset, creating endless opportunities for idyllic adventures.

With the number of Sportfishers depicted above you can spearhead a new Sport Fishing Industry in the 4th largest nation on earth and the future Caribean of Asia O

Other Investment Opportunities

Proposed Site Locations Moratai (Known for Big Tuna) Selayar (known for Marlin), Alor, Anamabas (Abandon Oil Rig Fishing), Sunda Straits, Roti, FAK FAK, Mentawai Islands, Sumatra

I realize it might be hard to amagine, but while Indonesia's Tourism Industry is massive, it has for the most part limited, but some exciting Sport Fishing Business's. These opeations need upgaded equipment, speciality boats are key to growth in this market. This investment Business Plan, is designed to create new sector, to be marketed by PT SongLine Yachts and other intersted Global Travel outlets and speciality Sport Fishing retailer. We are looking of investors prepared to fund individual or several or all the 10 Sportfishing Camp (resort) presented in this plan.

If you are prepared to study the knowledge base of the Indonesian Department of Fisheries and Sea Resources, you will understand that many of the best Game Fishing Species are  present in many parts of this Great Archipelagic Nation. Yellowfin Tuna, Dog Tooth Tuna, Black Marlin, Giant Trevally, Bill Fish, King Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Rainbow Runners and more are seen in the waters of Indonesia.

Our Business Plan, call for association with an exisiting small resorts, our building our own beach or bay from on some plans are avialble for floating or clamping accomdation.

We can link interested investors with small fishing operation that need updated equipment. Most of what we see as viable equipment in the project can be moved to indonesia on flat racks via container ships, RORO's and Bulk Carriers. This Imporation into indoneisa is backed up for special import opportunites allowing only 15% import duty on boats specify be imported in support and operating in the Tourism Sector.

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