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Having been in Indonesia for the last 25 years, we have developed some clear ideas of what is needed in the area of Marine Infrastructure. In an archipelagic state like Indonesia, where there is real needed for new types of Marine Tourism Infrastructure. Over this period of Lock Down, we have selected some of the most interesting new products, to introduce to Indonesia as infrastructure of its restructured Marine Tourism industry,


The attached vessel is what we consider to be a great opportunity for anyone, that is prepared in New World Tourism in the Republic of Indonesia. IMAGINE, this 65 meter Solar Powered Cat, we see, designed to operate a the area of Kupang and Larangtuka from a new  Isolated Silent Resort as a Whale Watching Operation. IMAGINE Zero costs for Fuel, designed for the TOP END of the Market

Slient Yacht’s new 60 Meter 100% Solar Powered, unlimited cruising range, 18 under construction one available for Lease, ready in 2021. Ready to construct additional models based on terms

We have a network of new isolated 5 star resorts, in the planning, willing to lease and operate this model for interested investors. IMAGINE charter operators with zero fuel costs.

POWER CAT EC54 – 16.4 Meter Version Passengers, INDONESIAN MANUFACTURED

Designed to carry 64 Passengers


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