The "Backpacker" Adventure to an unbelivable set of Special Small Islands know as KEPRI visiting Anambas and Natuna (Scheduled Monthly)

Introducing 2023/2024 Scheduled Departures for our new Expeditionary Adventure Programs

When anyone looks at a complete map of the Indonesian Archipelago, you start to realize the size of this fantastic country. It can be considered an adventurer’s paradise, with more than 17,000 islands, almost as many cultural perspectives, thick jungles, majestic rivers, and a population of tolerant and friendly people.

For years, our traditional fleet has been attempting to attract and service diving and sailing adventure travelers to some of these fantastic destinations not accessible to most travelers. But there are so many isolated places that we can never service them all… The following new Pioneer Adventure Routes give a select few people yet another perspective on how to see Indonesia. PLEASE NOTE THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART, NOT FOR THOSE THAT NEED SPECIAL ATTENTION, and not for those that need Air Conditioning! But if you have been trying to figure out how to get almost anywhere that no one goes in the Indonesian Archipelago, you have just found it!

Cruise -2

Adventure Cruises to Anambas and Natuna for Groups and Individuals

We will not be surprised if most of you have not heard of the Anambas or Natuna Islands. They are located in the South China Sea and make up the North Western "SEA" Boarder of the Republic of Indonesia. They are around 125-200 NM from Singapore and just south of the southern islands of Malaysia.

Research of these islands will demonstrate to you that until now, this archipelago and, most specifically, Anambas were, for the most part, only accessible by private yachts. They have a documented reputation for being untouched, unexplored, and home to many subsistence islanders making a living from the Sea and island vegetation (what a perfect place to visit)

If you are looking for pristine island images, life, and cultures, this program will show it to you from a casual setting aboard our mixed-use passenger and cargo vessel calling on small villages to load fish stock and coconut for transport to market. You can relax on the stern or outer decks of this vessel to read or just soak up the sun while clicking those memorable images of these special islands of the Riau Archipelago, also know as KEPRI.


Tanjung Pinang-Anambas Islands - Ranai NATUNA– RANAI (Airport with flight to Jakarta or back to Batam, another option here allows you to continue with the ship to Kalimantan to a port near the city of Pointianak)


BOAT: SABUK NUSANTARA 30 (or similar)


INTRODUCTORY PRICE is 4.300.000 IDR/Person



Basic accommodation in special BUNK Cabin area


2 meals per day Indonesian Breakfast & Indonesian Dinner with a local culinary buffet and fruits


Land transport in each port (motorcycle with driver) for every passenger at each stop point


Flight one way from RANI to Batam on Natuna or Jakarta on Java.




Arrival Time Departure Time Stop Time Tourism Site Activities
STARTTanjung PinangWed13.00
STOP 1Kuala MarasThur10.00Thur14.004 hrsAir Terjun Neraja, Ulu Maras
STOP 2TarempaThur19.00Friday03.008 hrs at nightPantai Arung Hijau di Anambas di desa Tiangau, kecamatan Siantan Selatan.Beaching, swimming, Snorkelling
Air terjun Temburun, di Desa Batu Belah, Kecamatan Siantan, Kabupaten Kepulauan AnambasSwimming
Pulau Penjalin, kecamatan PalmatakSnorkelling
Pulau Durai, kecamatan PalmatakBeaching, swimming, Snorkelling, turtle conservation
Pulau BawahSunset
STOP 3MidaiFriday15.00Friday20.005 hrsSmall island with white sandy beach, beautyful sunset and sunrise
STOP 4Pulau TigaSat06.00Sat10.004 hrsBeaching, swimming, Snorkelling
STOP 5Selat LampaSat11.00Sat12.001 hr
STOP 5Selat LampaSat11.00Sat12.001 hr
STOP 6SedanauSat13.00Sun09.0020 hrsFloating Island
Pantai Pasir MarusBeaching, swimming
STOP 7Pulau LautSun17.00Sun20.003 hrs
STOP 8RanaiMon07.00Tanjung SenubingPhotography
Alif Stone ParkPhotography
Gunung Hiu WaterfallOutbond Activity

These programs are designed for an adventurist traveler. We have arranged that in each stop activity feature.

Motorcycles and local drivers will await you to take you to destinations that will hopefully interest you. should you wish to hike, that also works and remember the motorcycle transport and the organizor assume to liabilty for loss or engery. These local drivers will return you to the vessel in time based on the scheduled departure. In some cases, groups of passengers might elect to travel together, and others may wish to strike off on their own expeditions. Just remember that you must return to the departure point at the noted time. Within this plan, you can pursue your own interests, snorkeling, village explorations, and getting to know the people of these isolated island locations. Please understand that most of our destinations are Pulau Pulau Kecil and are slow-paced and for sure nothing like Resort Destinations.