The Future of Kalimantan River Tourism Expeditionary Cruise Vessel

  • To be constructed in Indonesia (kalimantan)
  • Length: 180ft / 40m
  • Beam: 29ft / 8.8m
  • Draft: 3ft / 90cm
  • Berths: 32 pax

This opportunity originated in early 2017 when a well known River Tourism Operator “attempted” to tow a similar vessel from Vietnam to Indonesia.

This visionary plan was worth follow-up here in 2018 and this has now grown into what I consider one of our prime investment opportunities. We are looking for funding in the amount of 1.4 million USD to construct one (maybe two) River Boats similar to this one, but to the specs of the River Tourism Operator, who has complete plans for this vessel. The Operator is prepared to commit to a 10 year lease of this vessel and operate same on the Kapaus River as planned in early 2017. The investor is responsible of crewing and maintaining the vessel over the 10 year term of the agreement.

We can demonstrate that the invested 1.4 million USD can be recovered in 3 years, based on the passenger “track record” projections of the River Operator. This leave 7 years of positive returns on the invested funds generating approx 3.4 million USD. At this point there are no competative operations of this type or scale, on the market and we feel profitable operations and growth to other rivers on the island continant of Kalimantan make a heathy future for this secure investment.

We are prepared to make this investment happen, with the assistance of our attorney here in Jakarta !

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