Steel Mini-Cruise Tonnage

Steel Construction in Indonesia

We have always recognized the need to construct in Steel here in the Republic of Indonesia. However, we have only recently found a Ship Yard Partner with whom we had confidence could construct to International Standards. We are pleased to state that in 2019, we have aggressive plans to address the need to construct River Expeditionary Vessels and Small Tonnage Tropical Expeditionary Cruise Ships.

The future of Tropical Expeditionary Cruising in Indonesia

Indonesia’s Perintis Cargo & Passenger Vessels

For those of you that have followed SongLine’s for a while, you have have seen hidden in some secret part of our busy site, Indonesian Cargo Cruises, using the Perintis Vessels operated by the Indonesian Government. These Perintis routes, explore all the small island ports from Sumatra to the many rivers of the Northern and Southern Provinces of Papua. in 2015, our yard relation constructed 40 to 60 of these new generation Perintis Vessels and we are in the process of designing specific modifications to this vessel to better fit the growing cruise market in Indonesia and neighboring regional destinations. We will be marketing these vessels in 2019 around the region, in PNG, Solomon Islands, Philippines and others.

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