Financial Investment Offer in the Indonesian Marine Tourism Industry

Indonesia’s Sportfishing Sector has Massive Potential !

Sport Fishing in a Archipelago, the size of Indonesia, is destined to be a massive business opportunity. We have great pleasure in presenting a packaged asset, that will provide a turn key access to another ground floor business opportunity here in the Republic of Indonesia. This investment targets Indonesian funding from someone that has a sincere appreciation for Sustainable Sport Fishing and a vision of professionalism to match the potential of this basicly untouched maket in Indonesia.

This packaged asset has been operatiing in Australia for the past 15 years and will transfer all existing physical and intellectual assets to an Indonesian entity which will form the Joint Venture company through which the seller and the buyer will operate together. The Investor will purchase a 51% share of the JV Company at the outset with full divestment occurring once a suitable training and business development phase has been completed. This development period is estimated to be around 18-24 months.

Once the terms of the partnership has been agreed the establishment phase will begin whereby the ownership of the business assets will be transferred to the new JV Company. The fleet will be imported along with tackle and equipment, the company offices will be rented and local staff recruited and trained.

The current owners will oversea all operations during the development period to ensure that the highest standards of professionalism are maintained.

The highly diverse nature of the Indonesia archipelago provides a great opportunity to develop a sports fishing and live-aboard diving business with greater profitability and plenty of room for expansion.

Exact terms of the JV investment will be negotiated and agreed upon to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.

Asset Valued at 2,000,000 USD

The SongLines Yacht Team sees this Indonesian SPORTFISHING plan as an opportunity of a life time for the Marine Tourism Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, we invite interested parties to contact Ibu Rimayanti Di Engell, SongLine Yachts, Jakarta.

All manor of Investments in the Sport-fishing Sector are needed

Other Sportfishing Investments

We have compiled and monitor the used boat market in the Southeast and West Coast of the United States. The Key HOT SPOT is Florida, where values in used Sport-fishing Vessels abound. We have identified a monthly Ship Service from Florida to Singapore and have stall in place to address inspect and to ship targeted vessels at anytime.

A Wealth of smaller or grouped investments suited for most resort and major port cities around Indonesia. For our full Import List click 

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