Marine Tourism Speciality Business Opportunities

Investment Opportunities in Indonesian Marine Tourism

Planning Since 1993

In 1993, when we first came to do business in this Great Archipelago Nation, we had envisioned being able to help the countries Marine Tourism Sector Grow and develop. We are pleased to report, that from our perspective we have been able to assist in this process. However, Industry Building, is a slow and never ending process. We have seen destinations surface and develop, we have seen rules and abuses identified and addressed and changed and we have seen negative situations identified and stay that way in spite of efforts to alter them.

In 2013, we can state that the Indonesian Government does seem to have the Political Will to see this Nations Marine Tourism Sector Grow, we can state that matters like TEMPORARY IMPORT DUTIES on visiting Yachts have been done away with and Yachts are welcome to visit, transit and cruise through out the Archipelago, without fear of being taxed for having the vessel in the Republic of Indonesia, as a visiting Yacht. Needless to say, are not Permitted to Operate as a Charter Vessel and Sale of that vessel in Indonesia would make her subject to normal sales tax…. and these points are enforced!

The value of a Marine Tourism Industry in a Maritime Nation like Indonesia, has been recognized, in fact for those of us doing Business in Indonesia, see it as the Best Cruising, Diving, Surfing and Sailing Destination on EARTH. With this point accepted as FACT, we propose that INVESTING IN INDONESIAN MARINE TOURISM makes very good since!

Just this month, we have started to see and have attended meeting called to review the effects of ERASING THE LUXURY TAX on items imported for the purpose of Marine Tourism Business Activities. This law, once approved, will reduce the present 60% total tax on LUXURY GOODS imported to something in the area of 10-15%. This again is just for Tourism Related businesses and equipment to support same, of which boats definately fall into this catagory. We have made special efforts to review the various yachts available in the region to have presented them in our brokerage, for the many followers of this site.

investing in Indonesian marine tourism makes very good since!

The following INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES are beyond the concept of simply purchasing a vessel to operate as a business, as we propose in our Brokerage Section, but rather the following opportunities provide Ground Floor Access to what we see as GROWTH ORIENTED PRODUCTS of which will be major opportunities in the next 10 years, for visitors to Asia, looking for the Mecca of Marine and Cultural Tourism “INDONESIA”

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