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Indonesia Needs a few more Super Yachts

This great Archipelago, frankly needs a small selection of high end Super Yachts. While we have done our best to product some impressive Super Phinisi’s today’s interpretation of MED or Caribbean Super Yachts are simply not here. If you ask why, the answer is in TAX Code Changes, which we have been lobbying for many years. We do however, continue to stay…. IT WILL SOON CHANGE.. when that happens, those of you that wish to investor or operate in this soon to be the Caribbean of Asia, called INDONESIA, should instruct your vessel managers or Captains to make a B-LINE for Indonesia, you will find great interest in booking your Vessel here. Just be prepared to change your FLAG to Indonesian.

We have all participated in numerous Yacht Shows and ours is the Growing Singapore Show, held annually at the 15 Degree Resort on Santosa Island.

We all have heard the presentation of Super Yacht, special interest groups, looking for this high end yards and comfortable berths, which always end up focused on those tax havens, their clients can pass through, earn a bundle of cash and sail out without contributing much value at all for the destination, expect for themselves and yes their clients.

I hope someday, one of these groups will express an interest a destination, that offers year round operation, a stable government and a wide range of cruising destination and cultural attractions that will insure their clients a holiday of a life time…… and they will state we are prepared to invest our own funds to make all this happen.

The Spice Islands promise you a table of culinary delights hard to match on this planet, while at anchor off a pristine island village and a crystal blue water anchorage on any one of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands !

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