Catamaran Liveboard for Surf Or Backpacker Program

Now many suggest that the Backpacker market is not of great interest to most Tourism Destinations, but this thought has been proven to be not the case in markets like Australia, where travelers take thier time about seeing the whole destination when time permits. Time is the point in this market for sure, but also is the quality of the experince. Backpackers can be Doctors, Professors or event seniors often return to that childhood state, by traveling as young at heart, with lots of time to experience all of this.

This new CAT targets that market or the liveboard Surf market, based on bed counts and speed should be unigue to the Indonesian market place, Komodo, Raja Ampat, Lombok, Anambas and many more destinations should work well for this special new build.

This boat achieves up to 24 Knots and is fully airconditioned and is offered as new for 950,000 USD

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