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Vessel in progession Work in progress

Over the years SongLine Yachts has created several designs. Please keep in mind that each vessels interior can be modified to fit the new owners preference or total new design concepts can be developed for those looking for something special. Each of our traditional builders have their own unique hull shapes as well as a unique characters, which can become an important consideration when most projects span a period of 12-24 months to complete.

Embaku plan

I must admit that this aspect of the SongLine Yachts process is my favorite, our designs are planned "together" with our clients, however there are some of our past designs that have gained noteworthy popularity and are in some cases in revision 4 of the same concept. We do not want to mislead people by suggesting that we are responsible for all the designs you presently see on the Traditional Pinisi market. As a matter of fact, we avoid project formulas that call for multi-story vessels, but prefer a single main deck superstructure or maximum of 1.5 split level designs. Our justification of this preference centers around wind resistance, but I must admit, it is all based in a desire to achieve or retain some sense of esthetics in our end products.

Support Systems in our designs have grown considerably over the years and we have experience with many key system required by today's long distance and commercial cruising vessels. Water makers, inverter chargers, air conditioning systems, solar power systems, winch products, thruster installations and more can be be factored our proposed equipment lists.

The following designs are only provided as guideline and our Architectural Team is prepared to create new designs based on the potential new owners needs or requirements.



















NEW BUILD 24 Meter

Many clients come to us with time requirements that are hard to address, the normal construction time can be one to two years for a 26meter boat, but in the case of the vessel shown below, we already have a hull and it was measured to carry this design. The price on this hull is very good, and we are looking for someone that loves this design as much as we do and is prepared see her, quickly created for what will be a great boat for sure.

This design has a main deck owners cabin and open breeze way for cool living and the four cabins below deck are sun lite with large sealed window and the air conditioned for those hot days.

This next design is another completed hull ready to again finish in 8 months and will make a comfortable private yacht for anyone wanting to cruise the Asian region or anyone that is looking to operate a small liveaboard operation here in Indonesia.

These projects are looking for buyers that has 400-475,000 USD and a strong desire for a new boat !

25 & 34 meter vessel design

This 25m and 30m design have been developed as a versatile model which can be a private vessel or to support a small commercial operation. The design has been planned to create a sleek low profile capable of comfortable long distance cruising. The cabin space below deck is max ed at 8 passengers, but alterations can be made to accommodate 6 passengers in larger cabins. The main deck is designed to provide massive lounge space and is based on an open galley concept. The stern section of this vessel is a little short, but it does provide comfortable after deck space for water sports with a well placed dive deck for easy boarding. Based on the needs of a four to five man crew, special accommodations have been planned below the stern deck with shower facilities for the crew. This space has been designed for other than Indonesian Crew as the original plan for this vessel called for operations in the med. Power options on a vessel of this size are numerous and this model can achieve speeds of 6-9 knots with a small under 200hp new or rebuilt diesel engine. Based on her planned usage, water makers, dive compressors and a complete list of navigation equipment is suggested. The targeted cost of a vessel of this size is around 350,000 to 475,000 USD in today's market, based on turn key condition.



25m Pinisi design

45 meters vessel design

This 45m design was our first interaction with Choren Design, our client had been presented with photographs of a yacht constructed in Turkey and after a month of design work, Choren and his team presented us with something truly special. The second image reflects the creative appreciation we find in working with Zygmunt, be sail systems. Our fixation (for the lack of any other term) with the traditional Gaff Rigged, aka Phinisi Rig, moved us to question Zygmunt's first suggestion of the Dau Like Rig. We asked him to present three different rig potentials, which he did and over a period of time, even I came to appreciate his suggested rig. I think that what changed my mind was related to the clients demand that the boat sailing performance be maximized and Zygmunt presented us with some performance estimates that documented that with his RIG (image 2) we could expect this system will allow the boat to sail 45 - 60 deg. to true wind. He estimates that with the traditional rig will only sail 70 - 85 deg. to true wind. We realize that most people understand that the Phinisi is not a performance boat, we do feel that that rig alteration could make a notable difference on some of our future creations.


29 meters vessel design

This 29m design is a similar model to our popular 25m, but the cabin configuration has been adapted to service more of a commercial operation, with accommodations for 10 guests. This particular hull, is produced by another one of our local builders and while the stern of his hulls are a little high, the design is faster in the water than most. This vessel was powered with a rebuilt main engine and GENSET, which is a common option for many of our projects. Our carpenters designed a rather unique dive platform for this model to use the stern space effectively. When this hull was purchased from the local builder already completed and our design was adapted to the realities of the hull. The main deck saloon of this model is also geared towards a commercial presentation and the vessel presently operates in the Kingdom of Thailand.


34 OR 38 OR 45 meters global charter vessel

This 42m design is slated to be a very unique project. This project has been undertaken at the bequest of a major hotel group, to service a new 5 star hotel development in Malaysia. The objectives set by the owner is to create a special traditional interior design that will provide the hotels guests with facility in line with the standard of the property. The interior design concepts will come from the hotels own decorators and each cabin with boast 4x4m of pure luxury. We were first provided a concept of another popular cruising pinisi schooner as an example, however in order to maximize the useable space we opted to alter the traditional canoe stern to one that provides a more attractive after deck space. The massive area forward of the main deck lounge is another attempt to provide guests with plenty of space for sun and relaxation aboard this fine commercial design.

While most of our vessels are constructed in South Sulawesi, vessels of this size are constructed in Kalimantan, where the building process is quite different and launching is accomplished by floating the vessel to a river from an excavated construction site allowing water to flood the site when the project is ready to launch. The major negative point for projects constructed here is the isolated location requires a virtual expedition of some 8 hours from any airport, to get to.



This 38m design has been developed as another hotel service facility. The Pirate Ship Replica, was requested by a major Caribbean Hotel Group to provide a sea side restaurant and lounge facility for there new hotel. The space allocations for this vessel provide dining facilities for 80 people below deck and a comfortable smoker room on the main deck's Captain's cabin for exclusive meetings or quite evenings for the guys. The fact that this vessel was constructed in Indonesia and was needed in the Caribbean, required the vessel to be able to sail half way around the world and to make promotional calls in ports along the way. The fact that this vessel was going to be making a major expedition, called for new main engine power which was provided by Daewoo/Dossen of Korea, major hydraulic upgrades and which the vessel was re-equipped with a square rig, she retailed her traditional Indonesian pinisi schooner rig, for the voyage.


34 meters Main Deck Owners

This design is one of my favorites, it was for a Italian living in Phuket, that had come to the point that he preferred to have his residence
not on shore, but offshore. He wanted his Main Cabin, on the Main Deck but did not want anything over 35m. This design met that mandate and the vessels full width cabin astern still allowed passage on both beams and the open air passage between that aft cabin and the main saloon, allowed for comfortable outdoor relax area on the main deck.


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