Refinishing your Yacht or Vessel in Indonesia

European Quality Craftsmen, with 15 years of service in the Mediterranean

On Superyachts, aluminium, fiberglass… 15 years (blasting included)

On Woodenboats and Steel Yachts… over 15 years

On carbon and Kevlar… since 2008

Doing Under and above Waterline Blasting, Corrosion treatments, Fairing, Primers and Topcoats applications ( Traceability included for insurance companies), Varnish


To find finsihing services of the standard we are offering below is.............shall we say..........Difficult !

When I first me Jeff Deleye, I could see he was a commited person and comfortable to work with

Once I became aware of the quality of work he has built his reputation on, I knew that we should have him on the SongLine Team. We are more than pleased to offer access to you, a refinishing standard of work, unsurpassed in Indonesia. Mr. Deleye has worked on Super Yachts, Royal Yachts, Racing Yachts and yes even Oligharch's


A finish of this quality can increase the value of your investment many times over.

When necessary we can work in the water and avoid the cost of docking the vessel.




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