SongLine Yachts team

For more than 25 years, SongLine Yachts has been managing new construction projects together with a carefully selected group of traditional builders, carpenters and suppliers. We have selected this group based on many years of experience with them, their characters and personalities and we consider all of these respected men as close friends.

Company Management

Rimayanti, Director

PT SongLine Yachts of Indonesia


Has directed this company over its 20 year history. Design's and organizational responsibilities are provided by an experienced team of diverse and creative professionals whom have many years of collective experience in the operation and construction of these traditional vessels. As owner operator of several Pinisi Schooners over the life of SongLine Group, the teams insight into what is needed to operate and maintain these vessels, provides valuable input to any new owner or investor in this type of vessels.

The key to our success clearly rests on the skill of generations of boat building by our friends and families in South Sulawesi. Our insight and relationships with this close knit community have allowed us to tell the story of thier building skills to the world and over the last 20 years and the global awareness of our efforts have without question created a market for our projects and designs. We are a small company, but our future is large and every one of our project adds excitment and pleasure to our lives.

Architectural History

2010 marked a change in the vision of SongLine Yachts with the restructuring of our companies architectual perspective from construction only in wood to now include steel. Early that year we recieved a call here in Jakarta from from Mr. Zygmunt Choren of Choren Design of Gdansk Poland. Mr. Choren wanted to meet to discuss the potentials of wooden construction here in Indonesia for one of his clients, that conversation has evolved into fresh and exciting relationship that aligns SongLine Yachts with Choren Design one of the worlds most promenant sail and sailing ship designers. We welcomed "Zygmunt's input into our future plans, designs and projects" and while this relationship in not key to our 2016 project list, we hold Zygmunt's friendship close.




Some of Choren's past projects should give you some idea of what we see in our newly developed relationship and a future potential for ship building here in the Republic of Indonesia.




We recognise that Indonesia has potentails to compete in construction using steel with any country. We have developed plans to enter this market in a big way in 2016 and 2017.

Yard managerBaso

While SongLine is located in Jakarta and our projects are for the most part in South Sulawesi, our site teams are a very important aspect of organization. My site leader Capt. Masdar Baso, is a trusted friend and long time Captain of Traditional Fleet vessels. Capt. Baso, oversees some 25 traditional carpenters, riggers and finishers that work together to make each of our projects a success. His presence in Bira or where ever our projects take him are key to our management philophosphy and are infact "OUR" eyes on site, plus extensive phone budgets.


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