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"Creating fine Wooden Schooner Yachts, based on the long time tradition and proud reputation of the Konjo People of South Sulawesi, Indonesia"

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Anyone that appreciates wooden sailing vessels, will come to understand that the Indonesian Archipelago is home to one of the world's truly classic sailing fleets. The Indonesian Pinisi Schooner was the backbone of the original spice trade, carrying spice cargos from these Spice Islands to China and the Middle East, since long before western cultures even discovered the earth was not flat. Even today, approximately 80% of Indonesia's cargo is still carried aboard similar wooden cargo vessels to and from ports through this, the largest archipelogic nation on on our planet.

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This historic and culture based craft is the foundation of the SongLine Yachts product. Our vessels are constructed from tropical hardwoods, local teak and a variety of other wood species derived from the forests of the Republic of Indonesia. We appreciate and understand the need to conserve our planet's forests, but after so many years around this boat building culture, we are confident that the retention of these peoples building craft, also deserves preservation and recognition. The volume of our custom designed yachts is very limited and from my point of view are an artistic expression of a complex cultural maritime heritage that I am please to say is alive and well here in the Indonesian Archipelago.

Over the years, we have delivered commercial and private yachts to Thailand, the Phillipines, Singapore and even as far as the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Our sister company SongLine Cruises and the Traditional Fleet of Indonesia, is a key part of the Marine Tourism Industry in Indonesia and this experience provides valuable insight into the efficient operation, design and crewing requirements of our vessels.

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In as much the we "claim to be" the absolute source for information on traditional cruising and live aboard diving in the Indonesian Archipelago our Yacht Brokerage is a key element of our service. We present a select collection of vessels that are offered for sale by members of our Traditional Fleet. Knowing most of these vessels since construction and understanding the background on each of their original or more recent owners, you will find in our site, most of the boats worth consideration as used yachts FOR SALE.

We invite you to explore the pages of SongLine Yachts, for total insight into what is available in New Yacht Construction and Pre-Owned Yachts here in the Republic of Indonesia.

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